Angie Newgren

Angie Newgren | Account Executive

Angie’s top skills and focuses for her client include communication, website management and event planning. As an avid reader and writer, Angie reviews, proofs and edits many documents for her clients ranging from marketing materials, directories and website content. Angie has upkept and created intricate marketing schedules and oversees the daily activity for clients’ communication tasks. She has been named a Communications Manager and Marketing Manager on many of her clients.

Many clients come to THC with their own website platforms. Angie intuitively can learn and adapt to the rules of these websites and assists fellow employees on learning how to operate the backends of websites. Angie has worked on platform migrations to upgrade to interactive/responsive websites. Some platforms specialties include RiSE, iMIS20, WordPress, YourMembership and StarChapter.

Angie’s event planning ranges from coordinating small groups of 10-25 individuals for earning designations, to 150+ individuals to attend luncheon programs for state accredited continuing education credits, and national conferences from average attendees of 200-2,000+. She has heavily concentrated on registration, marketing, vendor operations and hotel contracts.

Angie graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a Bachelor of Arts in English and minor in music. Angie is a violinist for the East Metro Symphony Orchestra (EMSO). Angie also has served serval years on EMSO’s board of directors, including a Presidential term for 2 years from 2017 – 2019. She finds her involvement on a local board helps bring new ideas and appreciation to her professional life for THC as well as retains a deeper understanding on the difference of governing vs. managing.  Angie loves traveling the globe and is proud to have climbed a mountain in the German Alps and also goes scuba diving. She studied and protected rights of her favorite animal, the humpback whale, in Hawaii and is always looking to do her part to take care of the earth.


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