Your memo looked great! And I love the Julia (Kloehn) word "Tele-Workshop". You explained it very well and I look forward to seeing how this out-of-the-box idea works for us. It certainly has the right message of what we've been struggling with as chapters. After the conference call, I thought...heck...we (as a committee) didn't give you much to work with and building this communication link from the ground up could be a bit of a creative challenge, so I thought I'd provide a springboard of ideas if nothing else. It appears you do just fine. Kudos to you! Keep up the great work! And thanks for continuing to make my job easy by making the CRC look great!"

— Tom Winkel, Chapter Resource, Committee Chair, Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS)

Services Offered


General Office and Administration
Provide a permanent address and telephone service, answered to your specifications. Obtain maximum utilization of staff by clearly defining their duties and establishing performance standards.

Financial Safeguards, Policies and Procedures
On a monthly basis, we will prepare and provide you with individualized financial statements along with a monthly bank reconciliation report. Additionally, a detailed report of the type of services performed by our staff and the amount of time spent will be included along with an invoice for management fees and other expenses incurred during the previous month.

Board and Committee Coordination
Work with boards and committees to centralize communications and document decisions made. Collaborate with volunteer leaders to develop a solid governance structure and to build board training procedures to help the volunteer leaders have a successful and productive experience.

Strategy Development, Marketing and Communications Planning
The Harrington Company executives are experienced professionals who are supported by a strong team with the expertise needed to help an organization reach its full potential.

Conference and Event Planning
The Harrington Company account executives have experience planning a large number of meetings each year. These range from simple workshops and breakfast/luncheon meetings to large, complex, multi-day conferences and tradeshows with hundreds of exhibits, multiple breakout sessions and thousands of attendees.

Award-Winning Publications and Communications
The Harrington Company excels in its marketing and communication capabilities as is evidenced by our award-winning publications.

Certification and Accreditation
Our experienced professionals have the skill to guide the development of certification and accreditation programs and create a solid plan for administering and marketing them once the development is complete.

Membership Recruitment and Retention
Our professionals work with your Board and committee to develop a plan to build membership while providing the benefits and customer service to retain members.

Website Management and Maintenance
Several members of our firm are experienced at managing and maintaining website content to keep information fresh and relevant.

We offer LISTSERV, an electronic mailing list service, and website hosting services at The Harrington Company. However, we have found that in an environment of continuous technological advancements, it is sometimes most cost-effective to outsource website hosting. Therefore, we monitor the ever-changing options for these services and manage the outsourcing on behalf of our clients.

Systems Technology and Software
The Harrington Company is committed to providing state-of-the-art technology and software. Our Information Technology Specialist, is responsible for researching, developing and maintaining effective technology solutions for The Harrington Company and its clients.