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Senior Account Executive

Megan is well-versed in a variety of aspects of association management, but her strongest skills are her ability to understand unique needs, build consensus and put strategic plans into place. She is confident in her ability to build and maintain trust with association leaders and communicate clearly and effectively to help them achieve their goals.

Since she joined The Harrington Company in 2019, Megan is most proud of her involvement in launching a weekly forum for one of her clients. The forum has evolved into an excellent resource for education, networking, new member recruitment and volunteer engagement.

Megan has 20+ years of experience in nonprofit and municipal sectors, including managing performing arts centers and directing a downtown development organization. This experience helped develop her expertise in working closely with volunteers, boards, committees, and multiple stakeholders. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree and earned a Master of Business Administration with a focus on non-profit management from Roosevelt University.

In her free time, Megan likes to get in touch with her musical side through singing, playing the piano or learning the guitar. She also enjoys crafting, reading, and spending time with her husband and three sons.