Charter Accredited

The Harrington Company is recognized as a Charter-Accredited Association Management Company by the AMC Institute.

What does this mean for you?

As an Accredited Association Management Company, we are committed to providing excellent service based on industry standards and best practices. These high standards are evident in all aspects of our day-to-day operations and specialty services.

AMC Institute Charter Accreditation

The accreditation process offered by AMC Institute is the only recognized accreditation program in the industry. The process is recognized and supported by the American Society of Association Executives and The Center for Association Leadership. It is based on the American National Standards Institute’s “Standard of Good Practices for the AMC Industry,” which requires, among other things, that each standard of good practice be reviewed and updated regularly. AMCs are evaluated on the following standards:

1. Client Contracts: Review Procedures and Requirements
2. Servicing the Clients and Service Delivery Procedures
3. Evaluation of Service
4. Financial Management and Internal Controls
5. Insurance Coverage
6. Employee Recruitment and Selection
7. Employee Training and Professional Development Procedures
8. Subcontracting and Purchasing Requirements
9. Record Keeping Requirements/Continuity of Operations
10. Internal Quality Control Requirements

Once accredited by AMC Institute, AMCs must earn re-accreditation every four years, demonstrating to an independent outside auditor that they continue to meet these high standards. Should an association or not-for-profit client ever have a complaint, the accreditation process provides them with important additional protections — including an approved process for addressing complaints and the potential loss of accreditation status on the part of the AMC should it not follow or meet a standard.