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Account Executive

Clair loves to develop processes and procedures, letting big picture goals inform small day-to-day details. She is also a keen copyeditor and cross-promotional thinker whose experience in social media and email marketing enhances her client’s communications. Clair strives to improve efficiency and value in client services. She is a friendly and experienced customer service representative who can clearly communicate her clients’ value to members, stakeholders and partners.

Clair is a longtime member and leader of St. Paul’s flat-track roller derby league Minnesota Roller Derby. In her many years with the league, she has been a marketing director, event planner and team captain. In 2014 & 2015, she led the effort to bid for and host roller derby World Championships in St. Paul, MN, still hailed as the best Championship tournament to date. She graduated from Macalester College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. As an undergraduate, she worked in the Macalester College Alumni and Special Events offices, and especially enjoyed helping with Macalester Reunion every summer.

Clair is an avid baker, reader, board gamer and roller-skater.