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Senior Account Executive

Shelby believes in approaching each day with a growth mindset to help people and organizations work better together through creating systems for successful teams. Shelby’s entrepreneurial skills have helped her create new programming and systems to meet client needs and identify opportunities for improvement. She also excels at planning successful events and managing board governance.

Prior to joining the association management field, Shelby served as the program director at a national leadership non-profit for five years. In that time, she worked with students, visited chapters, and facilitated programming in 48 states. An integral part of her role was helping young people discover the confidence and voice to share their stories and deeply listen to others’ experiences. These skills have transferred over to her work with associations, as the exchange of ideas and sharing of stories is critical to their work. Shelby graduated with honors from the James Madison College at Michigan State University with a degree in International Relations.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time outdoors and hosting friends for dinner.