Partnerships, Sponsorships & Advertising

Strong strategic partnerships, sponsorship and advertising programs are important to helping associations grow and thrive. Our team can help with:
  •  Identifying and designing strategic sponsor and partner programs and ensuring delivery of program benefits.
  •  Creating and managing strategic alliances with industry organizations, academic institutions and more.
  •  Developing and growing sponsorship programs that strengthen relationships and provide mutual benefits for the association and the sponsors.
  •  Managing advertising programs that provide the brand visibility advertisers are looking for and the added revenue associations need.

You are all simply amazing. Until someone has the opportunity to work hand in hand with you there is no way they can fully appreciate the time and effort you put into our organization and how deeply you care about our success. I really can’t tell you how thankful I am to have the opportunity to work with you. It also doesn’t hurt that you are all a lot of fun! Thank you.


Past President Incentive Merchandise to Reward & Appreciate
(A Strategic Industry Group of the Incentive Marketing Association)