Case Study

NAIOP Minnesota: Website


  • 1 of 52 chapters across the U.S. and Canada.
  • One of the top ten largest chapters with 550+ members.
  • NAIOP provides strong advocacy, education and business opportunities, and connects its members through an extensive nationwide operation.


  • NAIOP was maintaining three different websites: main site, mobile version of main site, and a WordPress blog. The chapter
  • wanted a new, responsive design site that would also incorporate the blog, condensing everything into one site.
  • NAIOP wanted to create a new site that was both visually appealing and functional without going over budget.
  • In 2020 NAIOP redesigned elements of the homepage to give annual sponsors better visibility.


  • Create a more modern looking, user-friendly website.
  • Produce a site with responsive design.
  • Incorporate NAIOP’s blog into new site, streamlining their online presence


STEP 1: NAIOP staff and a website redesign task force created a budget, picked potential vendors and sent out an RFP.
STEP 2: Reviewed proposals and picked a vendor that could design and implement the site.
STEP 3: Worked with vendor on design of menus, homepage and subpages.
STEP 4: Oversaw development, implementation, testing and launch of new site.


  • NAIOP succeeded in condensing down to one site, streamlining user experience.
  • Improved functionality, including check-out process when registering for events.
  • After change to responsive design, mobile site usage improved from 8% of users on previous site to 22% of users on new site.


  • Learning to be flexible throughout the redesign process due to some limitations of the web platform.
  • Importance of having member input to ensure new site meets users’ needs.

Website looks nice and works awesome!
Website Redesign Task Force member